Why Game of Thrones episode Long Night is a disaster

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Hope you have watched Game of Thrones’ last episode, titled The Long Night ! If not, please read at your own risk, because major spoilers ahead !!

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So, we all have been waiting for this confrontation for a long period of time ( 9 years !! ) , to finally see the final showdown between the living and the dead. But, unfortunately, this time GoT failed to live upto the expectations.

Game of Thrones have been known to be cruel towards fans, featuring deaths of fan favourites at an unexpected point, and we all were in awe of this bold technic. Alas, it backfired this time, the death of Night King at the hands of Arya Stark was a cold blow, which seemed forced and lazy writing exemplified.

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The Long Night had some epic moments, and the battle in itself was heart-clenching and solid, but the lighting was not that good. The creator’s attempt to portray a dark and cold Winterfell night, was a bit overly done, fans could not even identify whose dragon was falling till they saw Jon Snow. Characters fighting on land were unidentifiable at some times. No wonder why the episode has least rating in this season.

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We get that whole thing about Arya killing Night King, because he is death personified, and she was taught to say “Not today” to the god of death, I mean we totally understand !! But, imagine the build-up in fans for past 8 years, a character portrayed to be dangerous to whole mankind, having an “giant” army of dead and for past 2 years imagining what all an un-dead dragon could do in the final battle. And, when the battle really happened it all came crashing down, when Arya jumping from literally god-knows-where stabs the Night King with a dagger, and poof, the army is gone, the ice dragon, GONE !!

No backstory, no explanation about Night King and his army and his obsession with Bran, nada !! I mean, come on what did Bran do except be a bait and wait for the Night King to come to the Godswood forest, what is the importance of Bran in this whole war, all these questions are still unanswered.

It feels like writers were in a rush to wind-up the series and kill the damn Night King already, which is both funny and sad.

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What do you think of episode 3 of GoT, The Long Night, and do you thing Night King may return in future episodes (please dear god !!) let us know in the comments.

Till then, Valar Morghulis !!

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