War of the Backups : Who will win ??

The IT world has been overcrowded recently, specially in the Backup solutions section. The new-boy-in-town is cloud based backup solution offerings, whether it is IaaS model or SaaS model, people are equally inclined towards this “new” technology.


Despite the competition, two underdogs that are slowly gaining the pace and stepping into the market are Azure Backup and Amazon Web Services (AWS) backup bundles. AWS does not really offer a backup solution per say, it only gives other backup service industry giants a tie-up with its storage service and sells the result as a re-branded (or merger – kinda) product. Microsoft Azure, on the other hand does offer its own solution for backups but falls head-back on meeting some crucial requirements, for example :

  • No Support for Linux clients : Seriously Microsoft, what were you thinking?
  • No support for clients not within same domain : I mean, come-on give us something nice to say
  • No manual override available for backups types (full, incremental, differential) :¬†You could at-least try MS, you know!

But despite these minor (not so minor :p) mistakes, MS Azure can be a good solution for people who have a completely Microsoft based infrastructure, specially for SQL and MS SharePoint Farm backups.

As for AWS, there is not much to discuss, as it is only as good as the provider it tie-ups with for backup. But, we may expect something more sophisticated and brilliant from Amazon, as good old times.

Till then, adios fellow geeks !!

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