Top 5 TV Shows you must watch

Hello Geeks, today we are gonna share our list of top 5 shows you must watch.

Television industry has evolved from being the idiot box community to a whole new world of entertainment and some of these shows are indeed a masterpiece. So let’s check out these totally epic shows and why you must watch them.

  • Game of Thrones
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Do we even need to discuss this one? Dragons, epic battles, twisted story, magic, Game of Thrones has everything for anyone to fall for. It follows story of a continent Westeros where seven kingdoms fight for one iron throne. The show has completed 7 totally epic season and will return for its final season in 2019. Not suitable for minors though , due to violence and heavy nudity. You MUST watch GoT,  if you don’t wanna miss an epic phenomenon the whole world is talking about. And also, because Winter is Coming 😉

  • The Big Bang Theory

If you are into casual, funny and bone tickling comedies, look no further. Big bang theory is a perfect blend, it is a story of two theoretical physicists, Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr Leonard Hofstader, who are nerds, introverts and virgins. Their lives change when a new neighbor moves into the apartment across them, the HOT, alcoholic, outgoing Penny !! 

The show has completed 11 seasons, and is surely worth a watch.

  • How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)
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HIMYM has ended few year back, but in case you missed it, we urge you to try few episodes online. The show is about a group of different people, Ted a hopeless romantic, Marshall the good boy, Lily is Marshall’s wife, Robin a aspiring and ambitious girl, and Barney Stinson a rich, funny yet creepy, sociopath. The story runs in flashback where Ted tell his kids – you know – How I Met Your Mother.

  • Breaking Bad
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It’s been 4 years since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired, and if you missed it. Trust us, you missed a lot !!

It’s a story of a good, decent chemistry professor Walter White and a drug addict former student Jesse. Walter’s life changes when he is diagnosed with Lung cancer and in remaining days, he resorts to cooking Crystal Meth. Desperate to leave money for his family, Walter teams up with Jesse and they struggle with Cops and Drug suppliers to sell the purest ever form of crystal meth.

The show is full of suspense, and twists, and is highly praised for its entire run.

  • Daredevil 
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For superhero fans, Netflix has lately been a blessing, and it all started with Daredevil season 1.  For the uninitiated, Daredevil is the alter-ego of a blind lawyer Matthew Murdock who uses his heightened senses and martial arts to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen.

We admit the Daredevil movie adaptation proved to be a disaster, but the remake by Marvel is pretty impressive. Netflix is also streaming few other Marvel superhero shows like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. But we would highly recommend starting with Daredevil, else you will miss the hidden references and puns 😉

This is all for now folks, tell us if you liked this list and keep watching…

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