Top 5 exercises to build a bigger chest

When you are a beginner and join a decent gym, you might feel overwhelmed by the giant machines, heavy weights in the weight racks. But mostly by the awe-inspiring physique of other people in the gym.

But, don’t be scared cause we have been there and we are here to share our experiences with you and some pro tips as well. 

The first pro tip for all of you amazing people is, there is no shortcut !! . The people who inspire you have also worked hard to achieve the body they have today, there is no other way. So, never fall for false advertising and transformation guides promising you to get shredded or bulked-up in few weeks.

Keeping that in mind, today we focus on the most sought after body part – Chest !!. A perfect shaped chest is always the attention catcher in a man’s physique and today we share with you 5 best exercises to build a bigger square chest.

Anatomy of Chest : 

First we will explain the anatomy of chest, it is a big muscle divided into 2 parts :

1. Pectoralis major  a thick, fan-shaped muscle

2. Pectoralis minor a thin, triangular muscle located beneath the pectoralis major.

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5 Exercises for Chest :

  1. Bench Press :  No matter how sophisticated machines are invented, the classic Bench press remains undisputed winner and the ultimate exercise for building Chest. It’s a compound movement and also keeps the metabolism raging, helping in fat burn. Pro Tip : Try doing 20 warm up sets with light weight before moving on to heavier weights to feel the maximum stress.
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2. Incline Dumbbell Press : Incline dumbbell press is another essential exercise, if you wish for that perfect chest. It focuses the stress on upper chest and gives that rounded shape. You should work out with a challenging weight and target at least 10-12 reps for the first set. Pro Tip : 
To keep constant tension on the pecs, keep your hands wider than shoulder-width when the dumbbells are pressed up.

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3. Push-Ups : When you do push ups, you push your 80% body weight. For a strong and toned chest, do 100 push ups on your chest day. Seems tough, but worth it. Pro Tip : Do daily 3-4 sets of 15 reps of push-ups, on chest day do 2-3 sets extra.

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4. Dumbbell Fly :  Flat dumbbell fly helps in overall chest development. It also improves the mind-muscle connection and allows you to engage with more chest muscles. Pro Tip: This can be a pretty tough exercise if executed properly. So, start off with lighter weights first and then progress upwards.

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5.  Cable crossovers : Cable crossover is a Intermediate level exercise, and getting the form right may be challenging for beginners, but once you develop the mind-muscle connection, it is a great exercise. The constant tension and squeezing of Chest muscles provides great stimulus.

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So, these are the best five exercises for a strong chest and to develop those stunning pecs.

Do try these and share your experiences…play safe and happy lifting 🙂

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