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‘Shazam!’ will not have any sequel !!

Hey folks, welcome back to #GeekReturns, yes you read it right, as per the director for upcoming DCEU movie Shazam! , David F. Sandberg, there will no sequel for his film.

Shazam! Poster
Shazam! Poster

After receiving serious backlash for many years, the DC Extended Universe finally got a new start with Aquaman . Aquaman is still doing great on domestic as well as international box office, many have speculated that it surpasses the performance of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The James Wan directed film made a whopping $67.4 million in its opening weekend in the U.S. alone.

James Wan, on the sets of Aquaman

This weekend, Shazam! director explained on Twitter as to why he probably won’t be doing a sequel. The movie has not even yet released, but David F. Sandberg said he is already planning to take a step back from the world of Superhero movies.

Earlier, James Wan (Aquaman director) , during an interview with has also expressed that he needs to take a break from Superhero genre.

Shazam! director, David F. Sandberg,

Fans expressed disappointment from both Wan and Sandberg, but as per Sandberg making two superhero movies is like “Asking a marathon runner, who has finished the race, would you like to do one more.”

Well, we can always wish that both of them change their mind and continue to give us more superhero movies, but as for today, a Shazam! sequel does not seems likely in coming years.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch Shazam! in theaters, in April 2019.

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