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Recently we have been getting numerous queries from our friends who wish to learn more about Cloud computing and Amazon Web Services.

To help our friends, Geek Returns brings to you a series of articles to help you learn cloud computing technology.

In the first article, we will learn about what is Cloud? Why is it better and which is better AWS or Microsoft Azure ? 

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So let’s begin with the easy question, what is cloud ?

So, we all are familiar with servers and what datacenters are, right? Now let me explain cloud to you in very simple words, when you use computing or network resources hosted on someone else’s datacenter provided to you over Internet, this is called cloud computing.

When we say some application or server is on a cloud, it simply means that it is hosted on someone else’s (most probably AWS or Azure these days) infrastructure and is accessible through internet.

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People , specifically professionals often tend to complicate the definitions of Cloud computing which makes it difficult to understand for beginners. We will try to keep everything more beginner-friendly and will try to explain in laymen terms as much as we can.

How Cloud can help me??

Well, the answer to this question depends on your perspective !! If you are asking as a professional who is willing to learn Cloud computing, then it can help you in increasing your professional value as well as with your salary increments. For the record a Cloud administrator earns almost twice or more than that of an average System administrator.

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And, if you are asking this question as an organization, then Cloud adaptation can help you in multiple aspects. Firstly, the accessibility of your services broadens, because every one of your resources hosted on a Cloud instance can be accessed from anywhere through Internet.

In terms of cost also, even though the cost of migrating your on-premise infrastructure to cloud sounds like an overhead. In the long-term you get a good RoI as the cost of maintaining your infrastructure gets reduced.

Also, the speed and up-time of your resources gets improved unbelievably.

So, that is a brief look at how cloud can help you, there are many more ways how it can be helpful.

In upcoming post, we will try to guide you how to configure your first instance on Amazon Web Services. We shall be primarily be talking about AWS, to begin with. However, let us know if you need help with Azure as well, in comments or email us at [email protected] .

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