Iram Zaidi

Iram Zaidi – Story of a fighter |Indian Bodybuilding – Part 2

Welcome back folks, and a very happy new year too you all, we are thankful for the immense appreciation and love showered by you upon part 1 of our series: Indian Body – The untold stories.

Today, we got the opportunity to appreciate one such remarkable personality, she is an inspiration to us and breaks the stereotypes that girls are delicate like flowers.

Iram Zaidi, is a soul trapping beauty, but she is a beauty with brawn as well as brains !!

Yes, this pretty girl is beauty personified, but make no mistake because Iram can give any fit adult male a run for his money.

Iram Zaidi
Iram Zaidi

Iram Zaidi hails from the city of nawaabs, Lucknow (India), and is currently living in Bangalore. She is not just any casual gym-goer , Iram is an Bio-technologist and a NESTA certified Sports nutritionist. She is pretty famous and known for being a Mindset/Health & Wellbeing Coach and the curator for Stevia.

Iram’s College Magazine snap

But, for those of our reader who are not familiar with her name and work, you may find her articles in Hindustan times, Times of India, The Health blog, etc.

Iram Zaidi
Iram Zaidi showing her gains
Iram Zaidi
Iram Zaidi

When asked about her journey, Iram says : In order to understand the depth of the subject one needs to study it oneself, I myself have suffered a lot in my early teenage years.I was struggling with PCOS and obesity.

Iram’s transformation

She adds : “My journey was never a walk in the park. It started after my Intermediate board exams when I realized it’s high time to wake up from my deep slumber as I was being body shamed, been ragged for being obese. I was given weird and upsetting names which back then had sort of become my identity. At the same time I suffered form PCOS due to my weight gain which also led to break outs on my face, bad skin, etc.”

Any sensible human being can imagine how difficult it is for a person, specially a girl to bear witness to such kind of stress. But, Iram Zaidi, not just survived, she transformed herself into a proud version of herself with sheer will power and hard-work. She has organised many seminars and talk sessions in companies like Vodafone, Fossil, EduSports etc.

Iram Zaidi at casual outing

Iram helps others who face similar kind of challenges that she faced, and has transformed 1800+ people with her guidance. Her clientele includes people from India, USA, UK, Australia, Amsterdam, Canada, Dubai, Qatar and other countries.

We were so inspired and mesmerized with this young gal, and equally amazed by how she manages to stay fit, despite a seriously-lot-of-travel. She really travels a lot, for meetings, seminars, events, yet she somehow manages to keep her diet clean and works out daily.

Event photo
Iram at an event

Iram told us : ” I don’t have a particular schedule as such because it varies depending on my work and travel. But majorly I try and stick to a flexible routine, easy to manage, no fad diets mostly whole foods, easy to maintain, etc. Same for my workout routine I try to keep a mix of Strength and cardio. I usually plan and design the workout which I like and look forward to rather than some monotonous routine which would feel like a burden.”

Do not think it’s an exaggeration when we tell you, but boy, she lifts heavy !!

Iram lifts heavier than your average gym-buddy

In a message to her followers and friends, Iram said : “If you want something, work for it.Don’t go for fad diets as they ruin the metabolism eventually if done in a long run, also never fetch good results. Hence not only in fitness but in all aspects follow something that you could stick on to because sustainable lifestyle is the key to success.” 

Iram Zaidi : gains to die for !!

We could not agree more with our friend Iram. This post will never end we continue to talk about her and her achievements, hence to keep it easy for our readers, we give you a glance of her work.

  • One and only female contender at Fit-Factor fitness model – Chennai 2014.
  • Transformed over 1800+ clients
  • Previous brand ambassador for supplement brand – ESN
  • Associated with brands like GNC_India, Evolution Sports Nutrition, Stevia, Goswole India
  • Was an athlete for Trimlife(May 1st to September 1st)
  • Featured in “Be Bold People” magazine
  • “Best Coach Of the Month” award by FitMag Magazine

We would like to thank Iram Zaidi in the end, to talk to us and give us an opportunity to write about her life. Keep making our country proud with your work Iram, you are a gem !!

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