Indian Bodybuilding – The Untold Stories

Welcome back folks, as promised we are going to start a series of posts dedicated to some of our very own, Indian fitness freaks and bodybuilders. Who unfortunately do not get the popularity or even appreciation that they deserve unlike their western counterparts.

We by no means intend to diminish the efforts and achievements of other bodybuilders from across the world. We just wish more appreciation and support to our domestic heroes as well. 

To kick-start this series, today we appreciate one such, hard working, disciplined and focused friend of our, Rajat Singh.

Rajat Singh, 28

Rajat Singh, 28, belongs to Delhi, India and is an BBA graduate. He has been an average student because books were never his best friends. Although he  has an impressive knowledge of gadgets, computers, games, and dedication for bodybuilding. 

When asked about his journey, he saysI like being honest, it was never a question of being able to afford diet or gym membership. I was blessed to have access to them from the start, but the real fight is with your own body and its limits“.

Rajat faced a major accident in his childhood when he came under a rickshaw (three-wheeled passenger cart) carrying school children. He suffered a back injury and grew up with a weaker back and core because of the injury. But, things changed when at the age of 19, Rajat transformed himself, became fit and his bodybuilding journey started. 

With sheer passion and hardwork, he managed to build a fit physique naturally at the age of 20. 

Rajat, 20 years old (8 year old pic)

Since then, Rajat had his fair share of accidents, and injuries.We were shocked to see his medical reports, x-rays, MRIs, it would not be exaggerating to see his 40% body is covered with scars, fractures etc. Yet despite all this, he continues to work hard with pure dedication and manages to build and maintain a physique, which many of us can only dream of.  

When we met the guy and his family, he spends the better part of his day in the gym. Depends on a very clean and balanced diet, and stops talking much, stops taking salt, when he has to go on stage. 

He added ” I do attend family functions, weddings, birthdays, but I try to keep my diet as much clean as possible. I remember carrying brown bread and scrambled eggs to my cousin’s wedding function. Fitness is a lifestyle not a specific period of time. But I do like to have few cheat meals too.

Image Source : Instagram

Rajat is a living example for people who give excuses for not being able to go to gym and it would not be exaggeration to say that this guy has mastered his body. He has transformed his physique as and when required, from crazy shredded to buffed up and bulky.

We really feel inspired as well as impressed with the determination and will power of this young lad. We wish him all the very best in his journey and hope to see him achieve the place he deserves !!

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Stay tuned geeks, we will return with awe-inspiring story of
another fitness enthusiast. 

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