How whey protein is harmful for you !!

Now that you have finally started to hit the gym seriously and being suggested by trainers and gym-buddies to take protein. It may get overwhelming, but don’t worry we have got you covered.

It’s very common to hear elders saying ” Don’t take these powders, it will ruin your health”. 

And, those bro-science experts calling you names like “you made this body with the use of powders”

The question is, is protein really harmful for your health? Let’s find out today !!

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First thing first, what is whey protein made up of? 

Composition :

Whey is technically a milk-product. It’s a by-product of Cheese manufacturing process. The most evident testimony for this is the fact that Whey protein may not be suitable for people with lactose intolerance.                                       I have regularly consumed whey protein in both raw unflavored and processed and flavored forms for years. To be fair it’s not a miracle powder that will get you ripped automatically. It’s just a dietary supplement, if you take whey protein alone for years, without a strict diet and exercise regime you will never see any changes in your body.

Adulteration is the culprit:

A big reason for negative reception of whey proteins and other bodybuilding supplements is that, in India there are no government approved authorities to testify and approve the supplements. Which makes it easy for people to sell adulterated and duplicate products. The Food and Drug Administration in USA has clear and strict guidelines for health supplements and monitors the manufacturing units.                                                   Whey protein supplementation is not even necessary. If you can manage to get enough amount of protein required for muscle recovery and  growth (roughly 1.5 times of your weight) if you are on a regular workout schedule. But, in practical life that is not so feasible.

In all fair light, these “powders” are not as harmful for your health as the myth goes. Although for some people digestion problems can be noticeable when consuming whey in first few weeks (specially with Lactose intolerance).

Please share your opinions and doubts in comments section…happy lifting 🙂

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