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When it comes to Office 365, the administration has become a whole lot of easier for even for newbies. 

Technical tasks like mailbox delegation, message tracing can be done quite easily using the GUI-Based interface of Office 365 Exchange online. Although mailbox delegation has been made pretty convenient with O365, the clarity in level of permissions is still missing. For example – Say a user requires only calendar access permissions for his manager’s account, this is not yet possible with the GUI mode.

Powershell to the rescue –  

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Powershell comes handy in this case, a simple command can be used to assign permissions to user for calendar only – 

Set-MailboxFolderPermission [email protected]:\Calendar -user [email protected] -accessrights Owner

In above example – Jon Mice gets calendar access of John Doe with full rights.

Levels of permissions – 

Author: Create and read items and files, and modify and delete items and files you create.

Editor: Create, read, modify, and delete all items and files.

Owner: Create, read, modify, and delete all items and files, and create sub-folders. As the folder owner, you can change the permission levels others have for the folder. (Does not apply to delegates.)

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