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Display problem in new Apple MacBook Pro !!

Apple MacBook has always managed to catch the headlines, one way or another. This time it is back with a new issue.

It has been reported by many that the 2016 and newer models of Apple MacBook Pro, specifically the ones having Touch Bar are showing backlight problems.

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It generally appears on bottom of the screen and is being termed as “the stage light effect”.

According to a popular repair website, iFixit this issue is caused because of flimsy and fragile cable which connects the LED with display controller. Apparently, older generations were having more sturdy cables and thus, this issue never appeared.

Display problem
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As per the website : “The issue is fairly simple, the display uses a thin flexible cable to connect the display with the motherboard, which gets teary and damaged really soon. After a while the “stage light” problem starts appearing.”

Apple MacBook
Apple MacBook

But, what’s even worse is the fact that this cable is integrated with the display unit and hence can not be repaired. So, you have to get the complete LED display unit replaced which costs around 500$ .

Let’s see what will Apple do, to resolve this issue and ease the life of its loyal users.

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