Did the Avengers really die in infinity war??

Spoilers Ahead: 

So, we all agree Thor should have went for the Head of the mad titan Thanos, in infinity war. Because what happened after the snap of infinity gauntlet was both heart-breaking and a smart cliffhanger.

Though everyone knows that the avengers will return, one way or another. After all, the sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange saw “ONE” outcome where they win. Yet, it will be intriguing to see how the avengers will return, but what if we told you that they are not dead in the first place. Yes, none of them, Bucky, Peter Parker, Quill, Black Panther are all alive.

They are all trapped in Soulworld.

Shocked? Let us explain :

What is Soulworld?

In Marvel Comics, soulworld is a pocket dimension, that exists inside the soul stone. All the people killed (read erased from existence) by soul stone are transported to – yup, you guessed it right- the soulworld !!

Adam Warlock (missing in the Avengers : Infinity War movie) is a prominent character, with awareness of soulworld.

So, our heroes are stuck on the soulworld, and this creates a plot entrance for Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel (who may be filling for the former’s shoes in movie).

Nevertheless, we all will be waiting eagerly for Avengers 4, to see how the creative team behind MCU bring back our heroes.

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