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Cheapest Indian diet plan for fat loss !!

Dear readers, we would like to thank you for your immense love and support for our previous post about a girl, passionate about body building.

Lately we have been getting loads of emails and messages on our Instagram and Facebook page, from our young friends who are generally students, or freshers and requesting for a budget-friendly Indian diet plan, specially suitable for fat loss.

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Before proceeding, we would again request our young friends, not to indulge in bodybuilding gimmicks, the so called “trainers” in most of the gyms, and not to fall for marketing stunts. There is no shortcut for hard-work and discipline and whole foods are always better than supplements in the long run.

Most of the youngsters, fall for these advertising scams and end up damaging their livers. Not all supplements are bad, but generally for a beginner whole foods are more than enough !!

So, let’s look at our basic diet plan for beginners and weight loss oriented people. Always remember, basic goal is to split meals into smaller meals, like instead of taking 3 main meals you have to take 6 meals in a day !!
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Sounds tough? Well, believe us, it’s not !! Let us show you how :

Meal 0 : 1 glass (300ml-400ml) warm water with Honey, a pinch of cinnamon, 1 lemon juice and ginger. This is your first meal after waking up in morning .

Meal 1 : Breakfast – 1 bowl (100gms.) Oats with skimmed milk or cooked with seasonal veggies, few almonds, 3-4 boiled egg whites or broccoli/whey protein.

Meal 2 : Morning Snack – 1 orange/pineapple slices with 1 cup green tea or black coffee (pineapple is a more preferred option as it helps in accelerating fat burning).

Meal 3 : Lunch – 2 multigrain chapati, nutrela sabji (soya chunks)/chana sabji, 1 cup curd (avoid potatoes)

Meal 4 : Evening snack – 1 cup green salad (cucumber, carrot, tomatoes) or 1 cup green tea and few almonds, walnuts and cashews.

Meal 5 : Dinner – 4 boiled egg whites, 1 boiled egg whole.

Meal 6 : Before going to bed – 1 small cup warm milk with turmeric.

Few things to take note of :

  • Avoid sugary drinks, energy drinks etc.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid potatoes and full cream milk
  • Do not indulge on dry fruits, take small quantities.
  • Avoid eating outside

So, this diet plan has all the macros in right ratios, if you follow this diet plan for 15 days, you are bound to lose some weight. However, if you exercise regularly and avoid too many cheat meals, this weight loss and fat loss can be accelerated and becomes more sustainable.

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Geek Returns will be back with more, till then cheers and stay tuned mates 🙂

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