Big Bang Theory Season 12 – Does Leonard sports a beard now !!

We all have to admit, we missed our beloved nerd even during this brief away-time. After the Season 11 happy ending-esque finale of Sheldon getting married to Amy, there were rumors that this was the last season of BBT. 

But, the geeks are back !! Big bang theory was renewed for a new season (god bless the producers) and the sneak peeks appear promising as ever.There are some worth noticing changes in the plot, and the most loud of them is – Leonard got a goatee !!!

Well, it is not yet confirmed, but the stars Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) shared a new image on Instagram, with Johnny sporting a beard. So, what shall we expect from the upcoming season – let’s try to decode –

Image Courtesy : Instagram

Isn’t that a good change now, heck it is !!

Besides Leonard’s manly goatee, we couldn’t help but notice, few changes in the background – Table looks new, Corner is different.

What else did we miss, help us find out in comments section …..

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