AWS Beginners : Created a new EC2 instance, not able to connect remote desktop

This is a common challenge faced by people who are new to Amazon Web Services and are trying to do a hands-on AWS compute services.

It is fairly easy for beginners to create and launch a simple Microsoft Windows based EC2 instance but, when you try to connect Remote Desktop from your Windows PC using the elastic IP, it doesn’t connect !!

Well, the reason is quite simple, you need to allow inbound connections on your Security groups (as shown below)

Image credits : Google Search

All we need to do is, select the Security group associated with our instance from left sidebar and under Inbound tab click Edit and add a custom rule for allowing remote desktop or any other service (default TCP and UDP ports for remote desktop are 3389).

For any other issues or queries, feel free to let us know in comments…keep exploring !!

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