Avengers Endgame trailer analysis !!

So, the internet just broke, because the upcoming and oh-so-hyped Avengers 4 trailer is out now !! 

The official title of upcoming superhero ensemble is Avengers : Endgame. The trailer is totally mind blowing, and we cant control our excitement for the movie to release.

So, let’s check out 5 details you probably missed in the trailer, or 5 most amazing moments of the trailer. Let’s begin, shall we :

1. Tony Stark is lost in space (no pun intended) : In the end of Avengers:Infinity War, everyone was so heart-broken with the death of Peter Parker that we forgot Tony was left alone, wounded and without his suit on the planet Titan. The trailer highlights that this is not a man who believes he can get away this time.

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2. Thanos , his armor and the gauntlet suffered a great damage after the snap. Infinity war ended with Thanos waking up to a new sunrise where half of the universe was wiped out. But not many of us paid attention that he was not wearing his gauntlet anymore, because his gauntlet failed to bear the immense power of all six stones working together. And, as per the comic book history, after Thanos is defeated by Adam Warlock he is living as a farmer alone. Using Thanos’ armor as a scarecrow is hauntingly beautiful.

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3. Ronin is here !! : If a character was majorly unaware of the events in Infinity War, it was Hawkeye. But, he was not unaffected seemingly, after disappearance in Infinity War, he returns as Ronin. In comic books Hawkeye adapts a darker and more badass costume after getting killed and revived by Scarlet witch. That costume change reflected a darker, more driven mindset. And while the circumstances in Endgame may be different, Clint’s motivations are probably similar. 

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4.Steve Rogers, is shattered after losing the most important battle of his life. Captain America has been alive for almost a century, yet he is still a soldier at his core. For him, losing most of his comrades and friends including his best friend who he had saved by losing his identity.

This is even more heart-breaking for the fans because Chris Evans, has reportedly hung up his shield, and this will be his last time playing Captain America (sob).

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5. Ant-Man is here, yes, also how? We saw Scott Lang (Ant-Man) getting trapped in the quantum realm in the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp, when Thanos’ snap wiped out Hope, Janet and Hank Pym. But still we see him in the trailer, we are not sure how Scott is back, is this because of return of Captain Marvel from quantum realm ? We will have to wait to find out. But, having him here completes that original comics Avengers roster. Because in the comics, Ant-Man was a founding member of the Avengers. Yes, he was there even before Captain America. 

Image Source : youtube.com

In essence, the first trailer is simply mind-blowing, and exactly what the fans were waiting for. The wait is long yet worth it..as a great sorcerer once said – 

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Avengers : Endgame comes in theaters in April , 2019. Till then stay tuned, and share your thoughts with us…keep following @GeekReturn 🙂

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